So how and why does this comic exist?

Unbeknownst to many I have approximately six story projects in the works―seven, if you include my collaborative project. Obviously, I can't work on them all at once, so I'm slowly finessing their plot and structure before I jump in and write pages for them. So what do these stories have to do with Dream Tower, you ask?

Well! Since I'm just itching to get the aforementioned stories out onto paper, I can't let myself be too hasty lest I ruin them with my inexperience. So what do I do with all this pent up creative stress? I dump them right here, into Dream Tower! Dream Tower is akin to a badly mashed up multi-colored clay ball wherein characters from all of my projects gather together and meet, canon-centric laws and boundaries notwithstanding.

In short, Dream Tower is a means to get ideas out, play around, experiment, mess with my characters, test their interactions, and improve while I continue to work with said characters' projects. The idea of making this comic came to me when I dreamed a, well, strange dream! For some reason, my characters were mixed together, and they were all concerned about this mysterious and ominous tower right smack in the middle of a barren nowhere. Crazy ensued and the plot for Dream Tower was born and then bastardized as the comic progressed.

Dream Tower is a blast to write, and I hope you enjoy how whimsy and flimsy and all around oddsy this comic is.

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